Submit to MD!

Want to submit to Mind Decline?  Great!  Here are the rules:

  1. This is my site.  I decide what goes up.  If I’m not happy with a piece, I’ll reject it or take it down.
  2. This is your work.  Feel free to send it elsewhere even if I publish it.
  3. Once your work is on my site, I reserve the right to take it down or keep it up as I want.  I’m generally willing to work with someone who wants their work taken down, but I need to know that I can keep it up if necessary.
  4. By submitting, you agree to abide by these rules.

Got it?  Great!  Here are the submission guidelines:

  1. Keep your work under 1000 words.  If you want to write more, your article had better be damn good.
  2. Keep it game related.  This is a video game blog.
  3. Spelling and grammar are encouraged.  Check over your work.
  4. Include your preferred name in your submission.  That being said, I will not print an article under the name “HUGEP3N1SXXX”.
  5. No hate.  Racism, sexism, and many of the other isms are a no go.
  6. Edits happen.  If you’re not willing to go through a couple rounds of edits, you’re not getting published.

Sounds good?  SUBMIT.


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