Opinion – End of the World Addendum

Addendum:  The problem with saving the world is how it dilutes its component parts.  Individual elements of a story are all threatened, but never based on their individuality.  A character’s quirks and attributes aren’t relevant, but rather its idea of their existence in the threatened world that matters.  At the crucial moment of a game’s story, the developer encourages the player to disengage from the very aspect of the game they liked and, instead, encourages the player to look at the favored elements as part of an undifferentiated whole.  The special nature of the favored element is lost as are all the unique elements of the world.  They are subsumed into one relevant unit: that which is going to die.  From there, the player has less of a reason to care about the favored element’s demise as, in many ways, that element has already died.  Its intriguing parts are discarded so as to cram in all the elements that are threatened.  This is hardly a compelling way to end a story.


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