Truth – Of Hamsters and Spaceships

The truth, revealed.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to write the post I wanted to write, so I’m instead going to share a little theory I have concerning the excellent Mass Effect series: Mass Effect is the prequel to Baldur’s Gate.

It all begins with a miniature giant space hamster with Boo.  For those who recall BG, they will remember the great duo of Minsc and Boo, man and hamster.  The warrior Minsc claimed that Boo was none other than a space hamster who counseled him on important matters.  BG and the developer, Bioware, wanted us to write off Minsc as a fun, deranged fighter and Boo as an item slot sacrificed for giggles, but, dear reader, Boo was far more than that.  When the player clicks on Boo in Minsc’s inventory, Boo makes a distinctive and pleasant squeaking noise.  In ME, Commander Shepard also acquires a hamster that makes the exact same noise.  It is reasonable to conclude that we are looking at Boo, the space hamster.

Now, the question arises how did Boo get to BG?  After all, Mass Effect happens in a far flung future and BG is a technologically primitive and magic existent universe.  Furthermore, how does the magic of BG jive with the science of ME?  Simple.  In the final scenes of the original ending of ME3, the Normandy crash lands on an unknown planet with much of the crew surviving.  I hold that this planet was actually BG’s Forgotten Realms and that Boo escaped when the ship landed, freeing him up to join Minsc for the events of BG.  As for the magic, ME’s biotics act very similar to BG’s magic.  They can cause elemental damage, push people and objects, and create shields.  Furthermore, we know that biotic gifts are caused by exposure to element zero, the required fuel of the Normandy.  The mages of BG could have been exposed to element zero from the Normandy (or any other crashing ship) and so gaining biotic, not magic, powers.  To the technologically ignorant population, they wouldn’t know the difference.  There are other connections.  BG’s ruins of lost civilizations could easily be space ships, the various monsters could be ME’s alien races, and the Big Metal Unit could just as easily be ME tech.  There are many connections.

See that Bioware?  I’m on to you.


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